Child Safe

Merriang SDS is a Child Safe school and is compliant with VRQA requirements.

To thrive, children need a safe and supportive environment at school, at home and in the broader community; no exceptions. At Merriang SDS, we believe meeting the physical and emotional needs of our students is paramount in laying the foundations for a fulfilling future.  We pledge to provide an environment that has zero tolerance of child abuse and will strive to work in partnership with our parents and community members to keep our students safe every day, in every way.

Ministerial Order No. 870 – “Child Safe Standards – Managing the risk of child abuse in schools” outlines a set of minimum child safety standards which Merriang SDS adopts in its commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse. Child abuse, in its broadest form, includes:

  • Any act committed against a child involving:
    -  A sexual offence; or
    -  An offence under section 49B(2) of the Crimes Act 1958 (grooming); and
  • The infliction, on a child, of:
    -  Physical violence; or
    -  Serious emotional or psychological harm; and
  • Serious neglect of a child.

Merriang SDS has aligned its practices with the Child Safe Standards as written in Ministerial Order No. 870, and has developed:

  • Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including through effective leadership arrangements 
  • A child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety 
  • A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children 
  • Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel 
  • Processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse 
  • Strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse 
  • Strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children