Child Safe Environment Policy


Merriang SDS’ Child Safe Environment Policy sets out the school’s approach to creating a safe organisation where children and young people are safe and feel safe; and provides the policy framework for the school’s approach to the Child Safe Standards.

Merriang Special Developmental School is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all its students, including LGBTI students.

Merriang SDS is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people, this is a primary focus of our care and decision making. Merriang SDS has a zero tolerance for child abuse.

The school has clear expectations regarding making a report about a child or young person who may be in need of protection.


·         To ensure the safety of all children and young people

  • To adhere to all Child Safe Standards
  • To ensure all staff understand their role, responsibilities and behavior expected in protecting children and young people from abuse and neglect.



This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, contractors, whether or not they work in direct contact with children or young people. It will apply across a range of school forums (e.g. camps, online) and outside of school hours.

·         Merriang SDS will continue to foster a culture within the school that encourages staff to raise, discuss and scrutinise concerns making it more difficult for abuse to occur and remain hidden.

·         Staff are supported by Leadership when making reports regarding child safety or concerns

·         All staff are informed of the school’s Code of Conduct as part of the induction process and at the beginning of each school year.

·         The Code of Conduct will be circulated electronically to all staff.

·         All staff are informed of their Duty of Care and Mandatory Reporting requirements.

·         Teachers are responsible for ensuring they undertake annual online Mandatory Reporting training and inform the PD co-ordinator of completion dates.

·         The school will maintain a record of online training undertaken within the OHS training register

·         When recruiting staff the school will apply best practice and adhere to the School Recruitment Procedure

·         Teachers must have VIT registration

·         The school will undertake risk assessment processes and minimise potential risks to children and young people through preventative measures. (see Child Safe Risk Assessment)

·         Merriang SDS promotes a safe, inclusive and supportive environment and ensures ongoing communication with paremnts through diaries and email.

·         Parent/carer involvement and engagement is encouraged through parent groups, special event days, parent workshops

·         When gathering information in relation to a complaint the school will gather all the information and keep parents informed





  • Merriang SDS school philosophy
  • Merriang SDS Statement of Commitment to Child safety
  • Merriang SDS Child Safe Risk Assessment
  • Ministerial Order 870
  • DET Wellbeing and Safety Framework
  • School Privacy Policy
  • School Policy and Advisory guide
  • Child Protection Reporting Obligations


Policies and procedures outlining the school’s approach to the Child Safe Standards:

  • Child Protection Reporting Policy and Procedure
  • Duty of care procedure
  • School Recruitment Procedure
  • School induction and staff supervision Procedure
  • Student Engagement Policy
  • Working with Children Check protocol
  • Procedures to maintain registers
  • Working with children check register
  • Teacher registration
  • Staff Code of Conduct




Ratified School Council:      October19th , 2016

Review date:                         As part of the school review process