Collection of Students Policy

Date: November 2017




Student safety is of paramount importance.  It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure that procedures are in place for the safe collection of students both during and after school hours.


·         To ensure the safety of all students.

·    To record all student late arrivals and early departures from school in line with   Departmental guidelines.

·         To ensure staff from residential units, respite centers and foster care agencies who collect students are authorized and clearly identified.



·         A copy of this ratified policy will be circulated to families, carers and other appropriate agencies.

·         Within school hours students must only be collected by their parents (subject to any specific court orders) or by a person who the parent has notified the school is authorised to pick up their child, authorized respite care workers and foster carers.

·         Schools should record when a student has been collected early from school, the reason for the collection and the person who received the child. Schools also record when a student arrives to school late and the reason. This information is recorded on the VPass – iPad Visitor Management System.

·         If the person collecting the student is not known to the school, they must provide verification of identity using suitable photo identification (eg. Driver’s licence).

·         Staff from respite centers, residential units, and foster care agencies must show photo identification declaring their name and employment agency when collecting students.

·         Student early collection data will be managed through the VPass – iPad Visitor Management System.




  • VPass – iPad Visitor Management System



  • Every three years or when directed by DET


Ratified School Council:     November 2017

Review date:                         November 2020