Dual Enrolment Policy

Date: November 2015



Merriang SDS has a number of students who are enrolled across two educational settings. The school support parents in their choices and will work towards ensuring all students achieve the best possible educational outcomes.   This policy is designed to ensure there are clear guidelines for students and parents who have dual enrolment.



  • To ensure students who attend Merriang SDS and a mainstream school are aware of the requirements needed for a successful placement.




  • Students who are dual enrolled may only attend Merriang SDS on the stated days of enrolment. 
  • Parents are to be made aware that under the DET Transport Guidelines students who are enrolled full time at Merriang SDS receive priority over students who are part time for travel to and from school.  If there is limited seating available, part time students will be asked to forfeit their place to a full time student.
  • Merriang SDS will ensure copies of student reports are forwarded to the other schools if requested by families and confidentiality is maintained.
  • Where possible teaching staff will attend SSG meetings and liaise with alternate settings to ensure best outcomes are achieved for the individual.
  • Staff at Merriang SDS will where appropriate support the other school with advice and strategies to support their initial program planning for the student.
  • Educational planning and programming is the responsibility of each school for their stated days.
  • Merriang SDS requires consecutive days at alternate settings to assist the student in managing the dual enrolment.
  • Merriang SDS specialist programs/class programs will not be altered to meet the needs of students who are enrolled at other schools       


  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three year cycle.



Ratified School Council:     19th November, 2015

Review date:                         November  2018