Enrolment Policy

Date: November 2017



Students in the moderate to severe range of intellectual disability, who are eligible to access resources through the Program for Students with Disabilities, are eligible to attend Merriang SDS.  Parents/carers have the right to be fully informed of the educational options and specific support available.



·         Every child has the right to an education, which will provide it with the best possible educational opportunities.

·         Educational opportunities for students with disabilities and impairments must be non-discriminatory and in accord with the relevant Acts.

·         To provide an efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of the students, parents/carers and the school.


Broad Guidelines:

·         All enrolments will require the completion of the DET ‘Confidential Student Information Enrolment Form’, with details entered immediately on CASES21

·         Merriang SDS is only permitted to enrol students who fall within the moderate to severe range of intellectual disability and are eligible for resources through the Program for Students with Disabilities

·         Students at Merriang SDS range in age from 5 years to 18 years of age

·         Parents/carers have the right to be fully informed of the possible options for the educational placement for their child

·         The Resources Coordination Group/Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division of DET will determine eligibility. The level of support will be determined based on the documentation provided as part of the application process

·         The school will work with the parents/carers to facilitate the preparation of the application

·         Students who are deemed eligible and whose parents/carers elect for them to attend Merriang SDS are, with the Regional Director’s approval, able to commence at Merriang SDS.  Priority will be given to students who live within the Designated School Zone.

·         Students who attend Merriang SDS and live within the Designated Transport Zone, are eligible to travel to and from school on school contract buses

·         New students to the school or students who change address may be allocated a designated pick up/drop off point and time.  Transport to and from the student’s home may be considered by Transport Branch in extenuating circumstances.   

·         Students who live within 4.8 km of the school (campus they are enrolled in) will not be provided by DET with transport.  It is the parent’s responsibility to transport them to and from school.

·         If seating is limited students who are part time will be informed that transport is no longer available for them and the seat allocated to a full time student.

·         Parents/carers of students who live outside the Designated Transport Zone will be responsible for organising transport for their child to and from Merriang SDS.




·         On receipt of an enquiry, the appropriate Head of Campus  will arrange a meeting for parents/carers to view the school, to explain the school curriculum and to inform the parents/carers of the necessary processes for enrolment

·         When parents/carers express a desire to have their child attend Merriang SDS, an assessment is arranged to provide supporting documentation for the application (if necessary)

·         Following completion of the assessment a Student Support Group (S.S.G.) is formed and an Education Needs Questionnaire (E.N.Q) completed.

·         The E.N.Q. summary page and supporting documentation are then forwarded to the Resources Coordination Group/Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division of DET.

·         The Principal will be notified of the decision regarding the application

·         Shortly after the student commences at Merriang SDS a Student Support Group will be formed to plan, monitor and evaluate the student's progress. The Student Support Group represents a partnership in the educational planning process between the parents/carers, the student and the school.

·         It should also be noted that once a child has been accepted into the Program for Students with Disabilities, the resources allocated accompany that child for a time limited period as determined by the Resources Coordination Group/Wellbeing, Health and Engagement Division of DET after which the allocation will be reviewed. During that time a student may transfer from one educational setting to another without affecting resources.

·         Information regarding the enrolment of overseas students can be obtained from the International Education Division of the DET on (03)9637 299 or email international@edumail.vic.gov.au






  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year cycle.




Ratified School Council:         November 2017

Review date:                           November 2020