Philosophy Statement

Our School Vision is to lead Special Education through exemplary and innovative practice, valuing “Safety” “Respect” and “Active Learning”. Based on this philosophy our Mission Statement is that: “Merriang SDS will challenge, engage and empower students. They will achieve their personal best through meaningful educational experiences and a whole school approach based on current research, progressive practices and partnerships with the wider community.


Every child deserves to receive the best education possible regardless of special needs, and the focus at Merriang Special Developmental School is to develop an environment which fosters quality learning opportunities for all students


Our aim is to make a difference in the life of every child that we are privileged to have the opportunity to educate. All children are rightly afforded the same opportunity for education, regardless of any disability they may have.


The major goal of our school is to educate students to their maximum potential and equip them to be valued, worthwhile members of their community. In order to achieve this goal, the school provides stimulating and challenging learning opportunities for each student within a responsive and safe school environment. Child safety is an important focus of the school and we aim to ensure that child abuse does not occur within the school environment or, where possible, outside of school hours. Staff are trained in Child Safety annually through the use of Mandatory Reporting online modules.


Educating a child means being aware of their abilities and reflecting upon their educational development and the best possible way of achieving that. Parental involvement is vitally important as well as the collaboration of all educational, emotional and behavioural areas of the student.


Being placed in the least restrictive environment, gaining necessary life skills and learning how to relate to and communicate with people from different walks of life is imperative to the academic growth and success of any student.


At Merriang SDS we understand that behaviour is communication and endeavour to provide opportunities to experience success. Out learning environment supports the use of augmentative communication systems and visual systems, and recognises and develops sensory based learning programs.


Using the framework of the School-Wide Positive Behaviour Program we use behaviour management that focuses on creating a positive environment and with programming developed in order to benefit student learning.


We develop individual learning programs for each student and we recognise and respect cultural diversity and the opportunity for inclusion with peers across each campus.


Developed:                              19th August 2016

Ratified by School Council:     19th October 2016
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