School Bus Policy

Date: November 2017



Students at Merriang SDS participate in a range of curriculum programs that require they travel in a school owned small bus.  On occasions there is a need for larger buses to be hired to transport students to and from a range of venues.

Last Update: 14 April 2014



  • To ensure school buses are safely maintained according to the Road Safety Regulations 2009, Bus Safety Act and Bus Safety Regulations.
  • To ensure all staff who drive the school owned bus comply with driver’s licensing requirements.
  • To ensure all staff comply with the Bus Safety Act, Bus Safety Regulations and Road Safety Regulations (2009).



Schools must:

  • obtain the prior approval of the regional director before purchasing a vehicle see the Motor Vehicle Guidelines for Schools (2011) under: School Financial Guidelines
  • not acquire a bus with an adult seating capacity of twenty-one or more passengers
  • be accredited with the Public Transport Safety Victoria if they own a passenger vehicle with more than ten seats (including the driver)
  • ensure vehicles they hire, use or own that seat up to twelve passengers have seat belts or restraints for children under 7 years of age, see  Child restraints
  • maintain roadworthy vehicles and ensure repairs are completed as soon as possible by a qualified mechanic
  • ensure vehicles they own are annually inspected by a licensed bus tester in accordance with the Road Safety Regulations 2009, Bus Safety Act and Bus Safety Regulations..
  • meet all costs of purchase and maintenance of the vehicle
  • only hire accredited, insured and roadworthy vehicles.



Principals must ensure that school bus drivers hold a correct and current driver’s licence and if appropriate driver’s certificate. Students must not drive buses under any circumstances

  • VicRoads is responsible for the licensing of drivers in Victoria and provide advice on the types of licences required to drive a variety of vehicles including buses used for school excursions and other events, see Licence Categories
  • Staff driving the school bus must have a current full licence.

Drivers of the bus must adhere to all road regulations, the Bus Safety Act and Bus Safety Regulations at all times. 

  • In accordance with the Bus Safety Act, drivers of a bus must not have alcohol or drugs present in his or her blood or breath immediately before, or while driving a bus and must comply with any guidelines regarding the form and content of alcohol and drug management policies issued by the Safety Director. 



  • Bus Safety Act 2011
  • Bus Safety Regulations
  • Road Safety Act 1986
  • Road Safety Regulations 2009
  • Working with Children Act 2005

Last Update: 14 April 2014







  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three year cycle.




Ratified at School Council              November 2017

Review date:                                     November 2020